I began lecturing as a graduate student at Boston University in 2011 and continued as an assistant professor at Istanbul Technical University. Over the eight years, I taught ten different classes for a total of 24 sessions, focused on topics in microeconomics. My primary goal while teaching is to encourage my students to think critically about the content they are learning.

I developed an interactive teaching style that use a combination of lecturing and cooperative learning activities. Cooperative learning activities allow students to think critically about the models they learn. They also keep students engaged and enable me to tailor the class to the needs and interests of the students. To further facilitate learning, I relate the course content to current events and phenomena that students observe in their daily lives.

Istanbul Technical University, 2015 – 2019

Industrial Organization, Transport Economics, Economics of Innovation and Technological Change, Economics (Introduction to Economics), Industrial Economics (MA/PhD) 

Boston University, 2011 – 2015

Economic Analysis of Legal Issues, Intermediate Microeconomics Analysis, Economics of Corporate Organization, Environmental Economics, Market Structure and Economic Performance