Journal Publications

“An Empirical Analysis of Delays in the Turkish Airlines Network”, Journal of Air Transport Management, October 2017, with Resul Aydemir, Asil Buyukdagli, and Bulent Guloglu.

Book Chapters

“Regulatory Reform in Selected Network Industries: Lessons from Turkey”, in Industrial Policy and Sustainable Growth, 2017, with Sencer Ecer.

Working Papers

“Free to Cruise: Designing a Market for Tradable Taxicab Cruising Rights”,
          Currently under review.

“Regulation of the North American Taxicab Industry”,
          Currently under review

“Centralization and Competition among Taxi Dispatchers: The effect of service quality”,
          Last updated November 2017.

“Causes of Delays in the US Airline Industry”, with Resul Aydemir, Last updated December 2017.

Work in Progress

“Competition among Taxi Dispatchers Under Multiple Platforms”

“Theoretical Motivations for Taxicab Regulation”

“Search and Intellectual Property Theft”